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Full Geometry Check & Adjustments

The wheel alignment of a vehicle can go wrong through time or from kerbs and potholes. Let us adjust all four wheels of your vehicle back to Manufacturers specification and prevent tyre wear!

Front Toe Adjustment

The wheel alignment of a vehicle can go wrong through time or from kerbs and potholes. Let us adjust the front wheels of your vehicle back to Manufacturers specification and prevent tyre wear!

FREE Tyre health check and inspection

Book online now for your Free of charge Tyre health check. We will digitally scan the tyres on your vehicle to show you the tread depths and wear and advise whether your vehicle needs replacement tyres, a top up of air or wheel alignment.

Tyres and Wheel Alignment

In order to prolong the life, economy and safety of your tyres, we recommend that they’re inspected monthly. During your inspection, you should be checking for: punctures, tread depth and tyre pressures.

We’ve had experience in the automotive sector for many years and any of our expert technicians in York, would be happy to help and advise you, if you find yourself in need of some new tyres.

We understand that everyone has different budgets and varying needs, so we’ve assembled a large range of brands and prices to suit individual circumstances. We’re confident you’ll be happy with the range we’re able to offer.

Having unsafe tyres are not only against the law, but they’re also extremely unsafe. So for your own peace of mind, then book an appointment with our team at Gladstone Garage in York.

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Can you check my tyres?

Yes, why not book in for a free digital tyre scan and check. We will accurately tell you how much tread you have on your tyres and whether your wheel alignment may be out. You will get a printed report to take away with you too!

What exactly is Tracking and Wheel Alignment?

Tracking or Wheel Alignment refers to the angle and direction at which your tyres are set. This is important as poor wheel alignment can affect your driving and decrease the life of your tyres. At Gladstone Garage we use the latest technology to check the health of your tyres and adjust the front wheels of your vehicle. Book online or call us, we’d be happy to help!

Do I have to have a Full Wheel Alignment?

Some vehicles are only front wheel adjustable and others can have all four of their wheels adjusted. Either way, our wheel alignment checks are completely free-of-charge and, once complete, we can then advise you if anything needs to be adjusted.

What are the signs of bad tyres?

5 easy signs to spot your tyres need replacing are strange noises, cracks in the sidewall, shaking, too many vibrations and lastly, your tread is worn down to the wear bar. If you notice any of these signs on your tyres book in with us immediately!

Should I buy part worn tyres?

No! We urge you to think twice before purchasing second hand or part worn tyres. Not only will they already be lacking tread, costing you more per millimeter, but they could also be a major safety hazard, not only to you and your passengers but also fellow drivers. Call us and we can supply you with brand new tyres!

How long should my tyres last?

There is no way to tell exactly how long a tyre should last however, if taken care of, with regular checks of the pressure, tread wear and alignment you can prolong their lifespan.

What is the legal tread limit on tyres?

The legal minimum tread limit of a tyre is 1.6mm, if you drive a vehicle with tyres below this limit not only is it dangerous it is also illegal and you could face a very large fine per tyre and points on your license.

Are my tyres able to be repaired?

If it is safe to do so we can fix most punctures on site, if the damage is more severe or will not leave the tyre in a safe condition we will advise you. Why not call in and we can check?

Can I change tyres by myself?

Yes, it is very much possible to change your tyres by yourself. However, it is always advised to get professionals like ours to do this as they will properly assess the health of your tyres and we have all the correct equipment to change the changes quickly and safely.

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