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Experiencing issues with your Cambelts? Come to Gladstone Tyres & Autocare in York and let us take a look. Exhaust repair & replacement in York made easy by Gladstone Tyres & Autocare.

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Are you unsure whether your brakes or tyres are safe? Can you hear a strange noise or is your car not driving as it should? Do you know that all of your bulbs are working or that your Battery will survive the winter? If you have any of these concerns book in for our FREE 16 point vehicle health check!

Exhausts Repairs in York

At our Northampton depot, we can check relatively quickly which component, be it the front pipe, catalytic converter or back box, could be leaking or broken and get it sorted in speedy time. Remember the exhaust system not only converts bad gases from the engine but a correctly installed exhaust can help reduce MPG too. All of our exhaust parts from a front pipe, a catalytic converter or just an exhaust back box silencer come with a parts and labour warranty of 1 year or 12,000 miles so in the very unlikely event that a part should fail within that time we will replace it free of charge.

Our custom exhaust fabrication skills are used by drivers wanting a cost effective repair to their existing exhaust system, often saving significant sums. Owners of unusual cars use our skills to have top quality stainless steel exhausts fabricated by our staff. We’re quite happy to create any exhaust system you may want and for those on a budget, our cut price exhaust salvage repairs can keep you on the road that little while longer until you can afford a new system

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Do I have to pay for an exhaust check?

No! book online for our free visual health check and we can quote you on what you need.

How do I know if I need an exhaust check?

You may hear louder noises coming from below or behind you when driving or sometimes may see a light on your dash. To be sure, give us a call or come down to our garage!

Does my exhaust need to repaired or replaced?

Following our FREE visual check we will let you know whether we can either repair or replace your exhaust.

Can an exhaust fail an MOT?

Yes, your MOT can fail on the exhaust being broken, or blowing and it can also cause your vehicle to fail the MOT if the emissions readings are too high.

Can I spread the cost of my exhaust repairs?

Yes you can split any bill between £250 to £1000 with no credit checks, no interest and no fees.

Can you fix my car the same day?

Usually, we can get you parts and get you back on the road all within the same day, if we can’t we will let you know straight away.

Searching for “Exhaust Repairs and replacement Services Near Me?” Contact Gladstone Tyres & Autocare York Today

Should you find yourself searching for”Exhaust Repairs and replacement Services Near Me?”, then look no further than the team at Gladstone Tyres & Autocare in York who specialise in offering a range of Exhaust services including repairs and replacements and many more. When you choose our professional Exhaust fitters and mechanics, you can be rest assured that you have come to the right place. We are confident that at Gladstone Tyres & Autocare as we provide the best quality of Exhaust Checks, Repairs and Replacement in York from leading manufacturers in the automotive industry. So no matter what you require you can be sure to on the team at Gladstone Tyres & Autocare today and we would be happy to help you in any way possible.

What does my exhaust do?

Catalytic Converter

Although there are no moving parts, your exhaust system is one of the hardest worked parts on the car. It is a series of pipes linking the engine to a silencer and a catalytic converter which performs the following functions;

  • Controls noise
  • Directs exhaust fumes away from passengers
  • Improves engine performance
  • Improves fuel consumption

The exhaust is made up of the following components:

Exhaust Manifold Connection

The exhaust manifold acts as a funnel. It collects exhaust gases from all cylinders of the engine then releases them through a single opening, often referred to as the front pipe.

Silencer Box

There may be more than one silencer box fitted to your car. The silencer is specially designed to absorb sound waves created by the engine and reduce this noise to a legally and environmentally acceptable level. The silencer joins onto the tailpipe at one end and the catalytic converter at the other.

Tail Pipe

The tail pipe is the part of the exhaust that extends from the back of the car. It allows free exit of the exhaust gases into the atmosphere.

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