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Cambelts in York

Cambelts and timing belts are a critical part of any vehicles running cycle as it ensures the correct timing of fuel combustion and compression. It is essential for any car’s timing belt to be replaced at the correct interval whether you meet the mileage interval or the yearly, for example it could be replaced every 60,000 miles or every five years whichever comes sooner for your timing belt – cambelt to be replaced.

Every car’s cambelt intervals differ and you can call Gladstone Tyres & Autocare York depot on 01904 61 01 01 with your registration number and we can check this for you. It is important you don’t ignore the recommended intervals for replacing your car’s timing belt as catastrophic damage can occur to your engine should it fail. In the horrid event your timing belt or cambelt should snap or a tensioner should collapse you could be faced with the unfortunate costs involved with an engine rebuild.

But rest assured here at Gladstone Tyres & Autocare in York we have the right tools and the right technical expertise to carry out a timing belt or cambelt replacement on your vehicle right here in York.

How much to change timing belt?

 The cost to change a timing belt should not vary from the cost to change a cambelt as they are literally the same thing.So if you want to know how much to change a timing belt, you can use the form at the top of this page to get a quote for a new timing belt.If you want to replace timing belt and want to find out the timing belt change cost from local garages, make sure to use Gladstone Tyres & Autocare in York. Timing belt replacement cost will vary from one car to another however timing belt replacement should not be the most expensive repair.

Remember, if you want to replace timing belt yourself, don’t! Trying to carry out a repair yourself is incredibly dangerous! Replace timing belt cost will only spiral out of control if you attempt it yourself and then take it to a garage for timing belt change. The last thing you want is timing belt change cost to increase!

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Can you check when my Cambelt is due?

Yes, call one of our team on 01604 808293 and we can check it for you!

What do I do if my Cambelt has snapped?

We are able to organise recovery for our customers to get the vehicle in to us for inspection. Simply call us and we can quote you to have your vehicle recovered and diagnosed.

When should you change your Cambelt?

It is essential for any car’s timing belt to be replaced at the correct interval whether you meet the mileage interval or the yearly interval. Every car’s cambelt intervals differ; call us with your registration number and we can check this for you.

Can I finance the cost of my Cambelt replacement?

Yes you can split any bill between £250 to £1000 with no credit checks, no interest and no fees.

Can I wait whilst my Cambelt is being replaced?

Usually a cambelt replacement is quite a lengthy job, why not take advantage of our free collection and delivery service or ask about one of our courtesy vehicles so that you can get on with your day whilst we work on your vehicle?

Do you match prices?

If you have had a better quote elsewhere, provided it is for a like-for-like repair, we will try our best to beat it

Do you offer a warranty on the work carried out?

All of our repairs come with a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty, whichever happens sooner.

What is a Cambelt?

The cambelt is a rubber belt which controls the timing of a vehicle’s internal combustion engines. It is vital in the process of making the vehicle run smoothly as it also ensures the crankshaft and camshaft rotate in synchronisation. A snapped cambelt is uncommon however tension issues are more widespread. If the belt is too loose it will end up whipping around inside the engine which will cause a variety of knock on effects and if the belt is too tight it will put a strain on the bearings of the cogs it’s fitted to.

A tight belt will cause a whining noise to be emitted from the engine so if you hear this sound make sure to book a repair as soon as possible. You shouldn’t wait until this happens though, as the damage caused by a faulty cambelt will end up costing you even more money in repairs.


Signs that your Cambelt needs Replacing

  • A squealing noise can be heard when starting the vehicle
  • Starting issues
  • A glazed or glossy look to the belt

Fitting A New Cambelt To Your Vehicle

This heavily depends on the type of cambelt, as well as the make and model of your car. The majority of car manufacturers list their recommendations in the car’s operating manual.  Should you be unable to find this information, we would advice you to call us today on: 01904 610101 and speak with our technicians in York.

When a cambelt snaps, it can cause major damage to both the valves and pistons of the engine. It can also damage other expensive components of the vehicle, which may lead to an entire engine replacement in extreme circumstances.

At Gladstone Tyres & Autocare in York, we ensure all cambelt replacements are completed to the strictest of standards. We make sure the cambelt isn’t too tight or too loose, to stop the belt wearing out or snapping prematurely.

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